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Is it not crazy and wacky to believe that 7 colours of rainbow can be converged into trillions of colourful pixels; all telling a story of your imagination... Well at MYRIAD COLORZ this is what we do... We quench your indelible aspirations and craft them into iconic brand stories ... We label your tags and empower your illustrations into aesthetic reality simply because our designer craftsmen can think of myriad ways to transform your requirements into truly accomplished projects.

Give us a story .. And will design the Moral !!

Our Personality Texture

  • On our very first project I presented Dimple’s company Myriad Colorz with a challenging design for one of our restaurant’s Cinco De Mayo promotions. Having a background in graphic design I knew what I wanted and submitted a lot of design-detail notes which can intimidate many designers. But not Dimple. She showed tremendous patience and creative ability throughout the entire process — a hallmark of a true professional. I would gladly give my highest recommendation for her on any design project you have…

    — Rick Conard —
  • Making a connection, mutual understanding, quickly developing trust and mutual respect are my cornerstones for any good working relationship. Its a rare event when this comes together and with Dimple and her team at Myriad Colorz it was instant. It is like working with the company next door. They may be thousands of miles away and a very different culture but it feels like a local company. Excellent communication and understanding on all levels, they are a rare gem. Our projects are large, complex and demanding. A number of communications daily are needed and response is always instant. With a quick discussion the project progresses. The quality of the work, the ease of working together, the speed of delivery, the flexibility, all exceptional. Myriad Colorz are the company you want to be working with…

    Jack Moran – Emerald Studio Designs

    — —
  • Working with Myriad Colorz has been a perfect solution for my small business. They are so easy to work with, have great designs, and most importantly … they listen to what I need and produce based on that. Quick turnaround times and great service are a hallmark for Myriad Colorz

    — Tyler C Utah —




Gulshan Apartment, 6/4 Palm Avenue, Ground Floor, Kolkata - 700 019
West Bengal, India
[email protected]

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